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Alessandra Ambrosio Promotes Always Platinum Maxi Pads, Plus 7 More Wacky Celeb Endorsements

von Jennifer Chan 18. Juli 2013 - 14:59

When it comes to fashion, beauty or bikinis, Alessandra Ambrosio can do no wrong.

But when it comes to fronting for other miscellaneous brand campaigns, we can't help but give her a curious look every now and then. 

Case in point, the Brazilian bombshell proudly promoted Always Platinum maxi pads this morning in Sao Paulo, dressed to the nines in a bedazzled purple evening gown with thigh-high slits, grinning from ear to ear.

If you ask us, she looked entirely out of place, so we have to hand it to the brand for snagging such a high-profile model for the launch event of feminine products, of all things!

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And while we're loving her poise and confidence in this setting, we can't help but think this might be the strangest pairing we could ever come up with! 

Alessandra, we hope they're handing you a pretty paycheck for this one!

And on that note, we've rounded up a handful of other questionable celebrity endorsements that don't make all that much sense, but are certainly amusing, as well.

Check them out:

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1. Miranda Kerr for Lipton Iced Tea: They all had to start somewhere! The beautiful lingerie model who currently fronts for Victoria's Secret and Mango paid her dues posing for wholesome beverage campaigns back in the day.  Kudos to Kerr for rocking the bright yellow ruffled mini dress and gold metallic heels like a pro! She also sang in Japanese for this spot.

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2. Heidi Klum for Carl's Junior: The Project Runway host posed with an enormous hamburger to promote the ultra-juicy Jim Bean Bourbon burger at the time. One glance at her statuesque model figure, and we're betting she stays far, far away from the 920-calorie menu item piled high with rich meat and all the fixings. 

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3. Naya Rivera for M&M's: Who can forget the Glee star's endearing commercials for the popular chocolate candy? She takes on different high-maintenance personas as the multi-faceted and demanding girlfriend of her loyal M&M boyfriend and plays it up pretty well. Still, we find the star better suited in her Cheerio role on the hit TV show.

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4. Penélope Cruz for NintendoSuper Mario Bros. 2: When 38-year-old Cruz partnered up with Nintendo to kick off the popular video game, we couldn't help but roll our eyes. Nothing about the sophisticated actress resonates with the old-school techy company, making for one forced scenario that was alltogether strange. 

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5. Georgia May Jagger for British Airways: When we think of airlines, we don't necessarily think of elegant evening gowns flapping in the wind, but British Airways had precisely that vision in mind when they hired Jagger as their spokesmodel. The young star posed seductively on the stairs (which were laced with light pink roses and greenery), as young pilots looked on in admiration. Weird, no?

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6. Megan Fox for Intel Acer: The brunette beauty is known for her seductive good looks and has built a reputation for herself in Hollywood as the undeniable 'hot girl.' In this ad, we're loving her awkward attempt at looking boring and brainy for a laptop commercial. Nice try, Acer, but she's way too gorgeous to be mistaken for a dolphin-adoring nerd!

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7. Eva Longoria for Sheba Cat Food: You must watch this cat food commercial. Yes, we know Eva is a feline lover, so it may not seem like the most ridiculous idea to bring on her board—but this commercial is so out there! Longoria utters not a word throughout the majority of the clip, merely dances seductively at home, alone, with her cat watching attentively. She writhes and wiggles all over her living room furniture like it's totally normal, before gently caressing her four-legged friend with love. Um, okay. 

What do you think of these odd celebrity endorsements?

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