jueves, 18 de julio de 2013

Dining Out Takes the Cake for Vacationers

Dining Out Takes the Cake for Vacationers

More than half of U.S. travelers dine out 10 or more times while on vacation, according to a TripAdvisor survey of more than 1,600 respondents. Specifically 52 percent said they eat out 10 or more times during a typical one-week trip. In other survey findings:

Eighty-three percent said they make it a point to experience a dish for which a destination is known. In addition, 19 percent have taken a "foodie" vacation to experience the regional cuisine. However, a quarter of respondents said American cuisine is their top choice, followed by Italian (19 percent), Mediterranean (7 percent), Mexican (7 percent) and French (4 percent).

To find popular eateries and other hidden gems, travelers get advice from several resources, including online reviews (77 percent of respondents), local residents (66 percent), hotel concierges and other staff members (56 percent), and family or friends (44 percent).

Half of the respondents said they prefer locally sourced food at restaurants, and 77 percent say they prefer to dine out at independent establishments rather than at chain restaurants.

While 67 percent said they usually indulge in less healthy food options on vacation, less than 1 percent said they choose fast food. The top five favorite types of restaurant settings on vacation are casual dining (26 percent), waterfront (20 percent), bistros or cafés (18 percent), al fresco (13 percent) and fine dining (11 percent).

When asked what annoys them most about a dining experience, 56 percent noted slow or poor service; 22 percent said nothing annoys them; and 66 percent have sent a meal back to the kitchen.

Fifty-five percent said discounts can sway their decision about where to dine. When eating out, 61 percent usually eat at restaurants that cost $10 to $25 per person for a meal, while 29 percent choose venues that cost $25 to $40, and 6 percent opt for restaurants that cost $40 or more per person.