sábado, 20 de julio de 2013

If 1000 People Donate $10 In Nashville – We Will Save A Veteran With PTSD And A Dog From Being Euthanized!

They fought for our freedom and today we hope you help us fight for them! We hope this dream becomes a reality for a Veteran with PTSD in NASHVILLE !  If 1000 people donate $10.00 , or 100 people donate $100  so we will save One Veteran And One Rescued Dog, we will announce which Veteran with PTSD will be blessed to go through the K9s For Warriors program because of your support!


K9s For Warriors rescues dogs from shelters prior to being euthanized and trains them to be service dogs for veterans with PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury. It costs approximately $10,000 to graduate one veteran/canine team from the time the dog is accepted into training. This includes housing, feeding, and training with his veteran for three weeks. We hope you can donate $10, $20, $100, $500, $1,000, or what ever amount you can afford – 94% of every dollar will help a veteran with PTSD receive a service dog from K9s for Warriors.

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Every hour, a veteran commits suicide according to the Department Of Veteran Affairs! Service dogs are a natural cure for PTSD! Animal Fair and Wendy Diamond have partnered with  K9s for Warriors and will go across the country to raise awareness and money for dogs to be rescued from shelters and trained as a CGC-certified service dog for Veterans with PTSD!

Today let's celebrate our wounded veterans! Help us rally to raise awareness and donations for an American Hero in Nashville that have sacrificed selflessly for our country. You can donate as little as $10, $50, $100, $500, $2,000! This program is 100% transparent and 94 cents of every dollar benefits the veterans! 

If 1000 people donate $10.00 we will raise enough money to help One Veteran and One Dog …..

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K9s For Warriors is a transparent charity.  All financials are on their website! 

The $10K to save a Veteran with PTSD and a dog from being euthanized encompasses:

  • The cost of finding, evaluating the dogs.
  • The cost of feeding them, lots of treats for training!
  • The cost of professional trainers to work with the dogs training them to be full service dog & veterinary care while they are in the kennels
  • Housing & Meals for the warriors while they complete their three weeks here at the K9s For Warriors campus, maintenance & food for the house.
  • Equipment, specialty leashes, collopsable water bowl for their kit, service vest, etc.
  • The van, gas & maintenance cost associated with taking the warriors into public spaces.  After day 3 they are re-introduced back into civilian society and most of the training is out and about town.
  • The final health check up and final veterinary visit.  All dogs are spayed/neutered and micro-chipped before graduation and all shots are current and health verified before they go home with their new warrior.
  • Office Staff to handle warrior applications & screenings and post graduation follow up.

The dogs are full service dogs and perform tasks to mitigate their warriors disabilities.

  •  block- place themselves between their warrior and the approaching people to give their warrior additional personal space
  • cover-face backwards and alert by wagging their tail if someone is approaching
  • to react to anxiety/panic attacks and provide grounding/reassurance
  • lap-to place their head, paw or entire upper body in their warriors' lap on command

additional tasks if needed: (depends on warriors physical needs)

  • assist with getting out of bed or chairs for mobility restricted warriors
  • assist with stairs for balance challenged warriors
  • assist with stability for balance/vertigo
  • retrieval of a prostestic limb
  • retrieval of a cane
  • retrieval of a dropped item
  • corner-go in front of the warrior and check around corners if someone is there alert by tail wag

In addition the dogs will wake warriors from nightmares/flashbacks and we can customize them to what their warriors needs.

They are also their new "battle buddy"  in a combat zone you are never alone, you are always with you unit and the service dog gives them back a unit of two, they are never alone, plus a dog is always more vigilant than a person could ever be so it allows the warrior to let their guard down and let the dog "man the post".  They also focus so much on their dog and stop focusing on their own issues it is very healing.

94 cents out of every dollar donated to K9s For Warriors goes directly to our warrior & rescue dogs.  Only 6% is used on fundraising and overhead.

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