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Louise Roe Tones Up at Physique 57—Watch the Video!

von Louise Roe 19. Juli 2013 - 13:58

Trying to tone up this summer? Join the club.

From spinning and pilates to yoga and Crossfit, there's no shortage of hot new workouts currently trending.

To get the very best fitness scoop, we've enlisted the help of Louise Roe to guide us through a series of fun heart-pumping exercises to see what they're really like.

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As the star of Plain JaneStyle Pop and Fashion Star, Roe clearly knows the importance of eatring right, dressing for your body type and toning up where it matters most! 

This week, she headed to Beverly Hills to try a class at Physique 57 and documented her adventure for us.

Check out her latest blog post!

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OK, so I'm writing this from my bed, because I can barely get up. In a good way that is…my muscles haven't ached like this since I made the college lacrosse team and we started circuit training alongside the rowing squad (read: they had Olympic levels of stamina, we all nearly died!)

But I'm getting up again, and I'm going back to Physique57 (the source of my achiness), because that place produced so many endorphins, I'm already addicted!

Christy Turlington and Kelly Ripa are fans of the classes, which originated in New York and the Hamptons before migrating west to Beverly Hills. The schedule ranges from beginner to intermediate and mixed—which offers easier and harder options throughout the hour.

The format is based on interval training, with a ballet barre, a balance ball, weights and mats used as apparatus. The concept uses hardcore isometric exercises, using your body's own weight to overload the muscles until they literally start to shake like jelly. Then come the stretches—which feel like heaven after all of that cardio!

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My class was taught by Katie and Lauren, and alternated between sprints of intensive exercise (the thighs section will make you cry, or stop—to which you'll be told "No vacations! Keep going!" over the microphone), and slow recovery activity, otherwise known as stretches.

I'm the kind of student who would throw her toys out the stroller as she got shouted at (which is probably why I've never set foot in Barry's Bootcamp), so it was with happy surprise that I discovered the teachers are tough, but also fun and encouraging.

Plus, their bodies are insanely hot, so it only makes you believe in the results of Physique57 more.

Apparently only eight classes are needed before you see a difference in your body, and I believe it. Don't be intimidated by the very toned, dancer-like bodies around you in class: yes, six out of the 12 women did the full splits while we were stretching, but it certainly wasn't like a scene from Black Swan. Everyone was friendly and welcoming.

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