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Nickelodeon’s Furtastic Big Time Rush Star, James Maslow Is Making Music for Dog’s Ears!

James Maslow

On Nickelodeon's Big Time Rush television show, James Maslow stars as  James Diamond – no relation to Baby Hope Diamond! He barks about his new puppy love, a one-year old Alaskan Klee Kai dog named Fox. The adorable pup was originally named for his foxy looks and cool-sounding name but James later realized it was doggy-destiny! "I named my older dog Falco, who passed away last year, after the video game, 'Star Fox' and Fox is one of the characters!"

James dishes below about life with his new four-legged buddy and musical muse. "Fox likes being in the studio when I'm writing. "When I can't think of something I'll go play with him and take a break," James chirps. "When we have the music on loop and he'll just pass out on the couch!"

James jokes that Fox may end up singing like him, since he's already in the studio all day!

WD: How did you find this furtastic breed!?

JM: I searched for a smaller dog because traveling and touring with a big dog might be difficult. I wanted a smaller dog that was intelligent and cool but looked like a big dog. Fox is exactly that. He looks like a miniature husky.


WD: Are you in puppy love with your little dog?

JM: Before I had a 100-lb Yellow lab and a dachshund as my family dog. I never thought I'd like having a little dog but I love Fox! I walk him down the street and it looks ridiculous in a sense but I love that. I have no ego with my dog.

WD: What is it like hitting the road with Fox?

JM: It's great! He sleeps with me in the bunk. I have a buddy all the time and when it's cold I have a little fluffy thing to keep me warm! And the fans love him. Everyday he goes out and the fans scream for Fox, I think more than me! It's amazing! It makes me feel like a proud dad!

james maslow cute dog fox

WD: What's the craziest thing he's done on the road?

JM: When Cody Simpson opened for our band, he brought his family and their dog Buddy. Fox and Buddy played along well but one night they were both off their leashes. The fans were screaming and Fox and Buddy started running around. Fox is usually pretty good but he would not listen to me at all. In order to appear cool I had to let him play for a good 45 minutes and then chase him down! He wouldn't listen, he was being such a butt-head, but he had fun and the fans enjoyed it.


WD: How does he get along with other dogs?

JM: He loves other dogs! He actually believes he's bigger than every other dog. (He's 8 lbs. so that's pretty inaccurate, but he loves it!) No matter how big or scary the other dog is, he'll go up and nip at him and play. They could bite him in half and he doesn't care.

WD: How does he handle all the music?
He doesn't mind music. Fox has been in recording studios since he was two months old. In fact, you can blast music and he'll fall asleep right through it! It's amazing. He's been in cars, tour buses and planes and has probably traveled more than some people ever will! He's a very spoiled dog in that sense but he's comfortable with it. He'll even fall asleep for a 5-hour flight!


WD: If Fox were a famous celebrity, which tail-wagging actor would he be?

JM: Fox is a star. He's on the smaller side but he's the Tom Cruise of dogs. He could be in Top Gun!

WD: Do you support any charities?

JM: I try to visit children's hospitals whenever I have free time. The band and I have stopped at a bunch of them, especially on the East Coast. I was in a children's hospital when I was 6 years old so I know that it's an amazing organization that saves lives. It would be cool to eventually take Fox in with me.

WD: Are you surprising Fox with presents for Hannukah?

JM: I don't know if Fox is going to get 8 presents because I don't even get 8 present anymore! When we're on the road fans give him toys, as much as they give fan presents to me. He's so spoiled already he doesn't need any more toys. He likes doggy-friendly cupcakes so maybe he'll get one of those.

WD: What are Fox's puppy plans for the future?

JM: He's gone through some training to be a service dog. He has some more work to do because he's very rambunctious and energetic but it would be awesome to make him an actual service dog so I could take him when I go to children's hospitals. He's such a cute and lovable animal that everyone wants to play with him. It would be great to share that with people.

WD: if you were looking for a girl to keep Fox company, what breed would you choose?

JM: I would like to get another dog for him to have a little buddy. I thought about having a French bulldog. It would be rad but Fox is so active that I'm not sure a French bulldog could keep up!

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