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No Pouts On These Snouts!

There's a rumbling in the sands of rural New Mexico. The approaching dust cloud gets larger! Suddenly, fifty Chihuahuas scamper past yipping and playfully taunting rancher and author of A Small Furry Prayer, Dog Rescue and the Meaning of Life, Steve Kotler.

Award winning author and journalist Steve Kotler and his wife Joy, arrived from Los Angles in 2007 to bury their bone on a small farm in New Mexico. Rancho de Chihuahua was born immediately and it came out barking! A sanctuary dedicated to the rescue of canines with special needs, this is truly a dog's haven. Whether too old, infirm or terminally ill, each member of the pack at Rancho de Chihuahua was sadly scheduled to be euthanized. Now they are living a dog's life complete with joy and affection!

The world of rescue is not clearly understood in America. Kotler's book cuts through the mange by providing a detailed journey into canine/ human relationships and just how meaningful they are for pooch and parent. A Small Furry Prayer… digs up facts about the long history of tails wagging at our feet.

Back on the ranch, Kotler explores his unyielding devotion to the diverse pack. These dogs are pushed to new limits in order to build confidence and regain a sense of belonging. The running of the pack includes jumping down soft mini cliffs and bounding up trails with Kotler at the head!

Things get rough each time a pack member is adopted. Kotler gets through it knowing that snuggling, icky licks and doggie treats are on the horizon with the new family. This is true love indeed.

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